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WOOD PRICING for Pickup:

See our special rates!!

1 rick mixed hardwoods - $125 - quarter rick price $50

1 rick of specialty woods - $200 - quarter rick price $75 (Specials and current pricing can be found on link )

Any fraction of a rick is priced by the quarter rick. If  you order 1 1/2 ricks of mixed wood, the price is NOT 1 1/2 times $130, it would be $130 plus the cost of 2 quarter ricks. ($220)


We can deliver 2 different types of wood to one customer. When we have 2 ricks of different wood, we charge a $10 deposit for a big bag. That way we keep one rick in the bag and the other rick loose. The 2 types of wood have a better chance of staying separated and the customer can identify the differences better. 

This does not apply if there are different types of wood and the order is 3 or more ricks. 3 or more ricks all get dumped in together and will get mixed up when dumped.



-Our standard delivery fee for a rick or cord is $50 for the first 5 miles, $2/mile for every mile over the initial 5 miles.

-We also charge an additional $10 for each extra rick. (1 rick delivered 6 miles away has a $44 delivery charge. A cord to the same address has a $66 delivery charge)

-If you want part of the delivery dumped at one address and part at another address, we add the extra miles and include that in the delivery price. So, a delivery 5 miles away is $50, but if the rest is dumped 3 miles away, We charge extra for the 3 miles, with a $10 minimum.


we charge $75/man hour for stacking. In most cases 1 rick can be stacked in 1 hour. (2 hours for 2 ricks, etc.). All stacking pricing is subject to change and a credit will need to be on file in the instance of a necessary change order.  At times a more laborious request extends our efforts in stacking, and we will send you a receipt.

IF YOU'D like to SUBMIT A DELIVERY REQUEST, please consult our FORM 

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