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Irrigation Maintenance

Indiana gets a lot of rain, but certain plants need more to look their best.  We make sure your system is operating at its best and offer suggestions for water savings, and efficiency.

The Green Gang Inc.

Since 1981

We are extremely prompt with repairs and efforts to make sure we are not hindering any project.  Construction damage, worn out parts, and the cable guy can destroy parts of your irrigation system.  To avoid water loss or delayed schedules you need prompt repair.  We will work at night if need be to have systems operating efficiently.

Irrigation Design and Technologies

You want the best system, and that is what we deliver.

The Green Gang Inc.

We want your system to function as it should and not be over-designed. We install great systems with great products.  From cutting edge internet controls, to water efficiency we strive to deliver the best product. Irrigation services available for both commercial and residential services.  Don't pass us up, we know what you need.

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